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League Schedule

Youth BasketballRHRC Mini Hoopers Basketball Schedule 2021 Team Coach Phone # Green Richie Parker 316-573-5889 Blue Randi Fouts 316-214-0818 Red Blake Ringwall 316-648-6108 Black Neal Spies 316-208-9781 Purple Jenny Smith 316-519-6809 Yellow Stephanie Woodall 316-390-5663 30-Jan 10:30 AM Green vs. Blue 10:30 AM Red vs. Black 11:00 AM Purple vs. Yellow 6-Feb 10:30 AM Red vs. Purple 10:30 AM Blue vs. Yellow 11:00 AM Black vs. Green 13-Feb 10:30 AM Yellow vs. Green 10:30 AM Black vs. Purple 11:00 AM Blue vs. Red **20-Feb Primary Gym 10:30 AM Blue vs. Black 10:30 AM Green vs. Purple 11:00 AM Red vs. Yellow 27-Feb 10:30 AM Green vs. Red 10:30 AM Yellow vs. Black 11:00 AM Purple vs. Blue **All games will be in the RHRC Gym except for Feb. 20th ** February 20th will be played in the Primary Gym. ** RHRC will provide warm up balls so please do NOT bring your team practice balls **Team listed first will begin the game with the ball

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